All front-end (things visible to user) code can be found in sourcecode folder in the .zip you have downloaded from CodeCanyon. All front-end source code is written in latest web technologies: angular and typescript. This also means code will need to be re-compiled after making custom modifications.

Local Development

 To make custom modifications easier, you can start a local development server. This will automatically re-compile the code and refresh the browser after any modification to the code.

To set this up:

  1. Copy contents of codecanyon .zip file to your local server (wamp, xamp, lamp etc) web root.
  2. Follow documentation to install the application.
  3. Open sourcecode/proxy.conf.json file and update target url there to point to the folder where you've installed the app. For example: http://localhost/app. To test this open http://localhost/app/secure/bootstrap-data in the browser and make sure it's working.
  1. CD into sourcecode directory via terminal and install dependencies:  npm install
  2. Run  npm start command from terminal. If previous steps were completed properly, you should be able to access local server at http://localhost:4200 url. Code will automatically re-compile and refresh the browser after detecting changes to files inside sourcecode directory.

Building for Production

 To build code for production (your live site) after making changes, use  npm run build and gulp dist commands. This will compile, optimize and output all front-end code into public/client folder. 

To update your production site, copy (and override) public/client folder and resources/views/app.blade.php file.